Summer Flavors

Chill Out with Your Grill Out

Tired of takeout? Time to drag out the grill and fire up your taste buds. We hope you enjoy these mouthwatering recipes and helpful tips.


Grill BrushSummer grilling tip #1 – Start with a clean grill. First, scrub the grates with a sturdy grill brush when it is hot. Then using long-handled tongs, grip a folded paper towel and dip it in some cooking oil. Daub the grates to clean and oil them at the same time.

ThermometerSummer grilling tip #2 – Avoid putting cold meats straight on the grill. Place cold meat on counter for about 30 minutes before grilling to allow it to cook more evenly. However if you are looking for a rare sear such as grilling tuna, then chilled is best!

SpatulaSummer grilling tip #3 – Don’t press or flatten meats. While the sizzle of juice bursting from squishing your burger with a spatula is very satisfying, you are only squeezing the juicy flavor and moisture out of your meat.

Spray BottleSummer grilling tip #4 – Spray bottles are your friends, flames are not. Avoid over-charring your meat with a handy spray bottle. Spraying water can help dampen flare-ups without interfering with heat.