Stein Servick / Brewmaster, Napa Smith Brewery, Napa, California

For beer lovers, nothing warms a winter night more than a smooth, rich cherry porter. California’s Napa Smith Brewery teamed up with The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley for the mid-December release of Cherry Hill Porter.

A medium-bodied porter with a toffee-like chocolate malty-sweetness, Cherry Hill Porter exudes warm aromas of cherry and smooth Tahitian vanilla that complements the beer’s rich chocolate and cherry notes.

The mild, clean, and floral aromas of Centennial, Mt. Hood and Sterling hops balance the deep red hues of the Cherry Puree and lend expression to the fruit and the vanilla.

“Our inspiration for Cherry Hill Porter was to produce a beer that, for many, is generally considered a cold weather-style but to tie it in with fresh-picked fruit,” says Napa Smith Brewmaster Stein Servick.

Cherry Hill Porter (ABV 6.7%) is the third beer in Napa Smith’s Fresh Picked Series of signature beers featuring The Perfect Purée, whose pasteurization technique optimizes fruit for brewing because it preserves the natural flavor and aroma of the fruit. The Perfect Purée Cherry Puree has intense sour cherry flavor and deep red color ideal for dark beers that pair well with cold-weather roasts and stews, chocolate desserts and bleu cheese.

Stein says the two Napa companies are naturally compatible and as Napa Smith continues to brew new styles and augment traditional styles, it hopes to continue working with The Perfect Purée.

“We chose to work with The Perfect Purée due to the high quality of their purées as well as their pasteurization technique. When designing Cherry Hill Porter, we wanted to promote fresh fruit flavors. Pasteurized products project fresh fruit flavors, where aseptic purées lend a cooked-fruit flavor,” Stein says. “Finally, we value working with our neighbors and staying local where we can.”

Look for limited-edition Cherry Hill Porter on draft and in growlers and crowlers while supplies last at Napa Smith taprooms in Napa and Vallejo and via wholesale purchase in 1/6-barrel kegs through Golden Brands Distribution.