Apricot Peach Ginger Popsicles

    • 112.5ml The Perfect Purée Apricot Puree, thawed + 37.5ml water
    • 112.5ml The Perfect Purée Peach Ginger blend, thawed + 37.5ml water
    • 150g sugar
    • 200ml water
    • 12 frozen pop molds
    • 12 wood sticks
1. Boil the sugar with 200ml of water on medium heat until texture turns syrupy.
2. While waiting for syrup mixture to cool, mix the Apricot puree with 112.5ml water in a small bowl. Then mix the Peach Ginger blend with 112.5ml water in a separate bowl.
3. Once syrup mixture has cooled, combine syrup mixture, Apricot mixture and Peach Ginger mixture and stir well.
4. Fill pop molds and place in freezer.
5. Once mixture begins to freeze, insert wooden sticks and continue to freeze for at least 3 hours. Optional: Add freshly sliced apricots when inserting wooden sticks.