Bavarian Cream

Liza Cheng

For the Bavarian Cream:
    • The Perfect Purée flavor of choice (flavor to taste)
    • 1 oz. gelatin
    • 8 oz. water
    • 1 qt. heavy cream
    • 1 qt. Vanilla Sauce
Method for the Bavarian Cream:
1. Prepare Vanilla Sauce and set as ide to cool (recipe below).
2. Place gelatin in a small stainless steel bowl and add the water. Let stand for 15 minutes or until gelatin has fully bloomed.
3. Melt the bloomed gelatin slowly over a hot water bath to 105°F – 110°F.
4. Whip the cream to soft peaks and hold, covered in refrigeration.
5. Combine Vanilla Sauce and The Perfect Purée flavor of choice.
6. Taste and adjust the amount used for The Perfect Purée.
7. Combine the flavored Vanilla Sauce and the gelatin.
8. Stir over an ice water bath to 75°F.
9. Fold in the whipped cream.
10. Pour immediately into prepared molds.
11. Refrigerate or freeze until set.
For the Vanilla Sauce:
    • 1 pt. milk
    • 1 pt. heavy cream
    • 1 vanilla bean or 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
    • 8 oz. sugar
    • 9 oz. egg yolks
Method for the Vanilla Sauce:
1. Bring milk, heavey cream, vanilla and ½ of the sugar to a boil.
2. Combine eggs and rest of sugar and temper this mixture in the heated cream mixture.
3. Slowly heat to 180°F.
4. Strain and place mixture into an ice bath to quickly cool.