CBD Pâte de Fruit

Bill Stewart / Product Design Consultant, Half Baked Labs, Portland, OR; Photo by Bill Stewart

    • 90 g. choice of The Perfect Purée Pomegranate Concentrate, Blackberry Puree, Red Raspberry Puree or White Peach Puree, thawed
    • 90 g. warm water
    • 15 g. pectin (slow HM)
    • 70 g. sugar (to help the pectin distribute evenly without clumping)
    • 314 g. corn syrup
    • 314 g. sugar
    • 4 g. LorAnn Mold Inhibitor
    • 6 g. CBD distillate or 4 g. isolate
    • Light neutral oil (same as CBD)
    • 18 g. 50/50 citric acid solution
(Chef’s note: Certo and other pectins are not 100 percent pectin. Buy real, pure, slow-set, high-methoxylate pectin from a seller such as Modernist Pantry on Amazon.)
Gummy Preparation Method:
1. Place 90 g. of warm water (just above body temperature) into a blender. With the blender on low, gradually add the pectin and sugar mixture. Allow to hydrate for 15 minutes. (Chef’s note: This is probably the most important step in the recipe.)
2. Mix in a saucepan: 90 g. The Perfect Purée flavor of choice; 314 g. corn syrup; and 314 g. sugar. Add 4 ml of Lorann Mold Inhibitor. (Chef’s note: Mold inhibitor is necessary unless you plan to eat all the gummies immediately.)
3. Meanwhile, prepare two other mixes before continuing:
(i) CBD distillate or isolate (6 g. distillate or 4 g. isolate), blended with an equal amount of light, neutral oil (algae or grapeseed). The mixture may need to be warmed a little to blend.
(ii) A 50/50 (by weight) solution of water and citric acid. (Chef’s note: You will need 18 g. for this recipe, but I usually make a cup or so at a time and store it in a sealed container.)
4. Lightly oil a pan (Chef’s note: Use 13×9 for thin gummies or 9×9 for thicker gummies).
5. Heat and stir the sugar mixture until it reaches 90°C/194°F and looks homogeneous.
6. Add the pectin solution from the blender; stir over low to medium heat until it reaches 110°C/230°F. Hold at this temperature or slightly higher for 1 minute. (Chef’s note: HM pectin is activated by heat and acid, which brings us to the next step.)
7. Add the CBD oil and stir vigorously.
8. Add the acid solution, stir vigorously, and cast into the pan. Don’t delay, as the solution will begin to set as soon as it meets the acid (Chef’s note: If you stir too long, you’re going to get one big saucepan-shaped gummy.)
9. Let cool and set in the refrigerator or on the counter.
10. Once the mixture is solid, turn it out onto an oiled cutting board and cure for about 24 hours before finishing.
Gummy Finishing Method:
1. Cut gummies to size.
2. Wash them in ethanol (e.g. Everclear) and toss them with sugar. Shake off the excess and they’re ready to eat.


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