Chocolate Salted Chocolate Cream & Passionfruit Gelée

Pastry Chef Ron Paprocki, Gordon Ramsay at the London New York, NY - 2010 International Pastry Competition

Passionfruit Gelée:
    • 250 g. The Perfect Purée Passion Fruit Concentrate,  thawed
    • 50 g. sugar
    • 1 1/2 leaves gelatin, bloomed
1. Heat the Passion Fruit Concentrate with the sugar.
2. Add the bloomed gelatin to the Passion Fruit Concentrate and keep cool until ready to use.
Salted Chocolate Cream:
    • 200 g. heavy cream
    • 20 g. trimoline (inverted sugar)
    • 170 g. Belcolade Ecuador 71% chocolate
    • 40 g. butter
    • 5 g. fleur de sel
1. Bring the heavy cream and trimoline to a boil.
2. Pour over the chocolate and emulsify.
3. Add the butter at 40°C and season with fleur de sel.
Chocolate Mousse:
    • 180 g. milk
    • 70 g. heavy cream
    • 25 g. trimoline
    • 60 g. egg yolks
    • 285 g. chocolate
    • 500 g. heavy cream, semi-whipped
1. Make a crème anglaise with the first four ingredients.
2. Heat 300 grams of the crème anglaise and pour over the chocolate.
3. Emulsify and add the semi-whipped cream once the mixture is between 40° and 45°C.
Moist Macarons:
    • 150 g. egg whites
    • 110 g. sugar
    • 125 g. 10x flour
    • 100 g. almond flour
    • 45 g. T55 flour
    • 5 g. cocoa powder
1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
2. Whisk the egg whites and sugar to soft peaks.
3. Combine the dried ingredients and fold into the meringue.
4. Pipe a 6-inch circle disc of meringue on parchment paper.
5. Bake for 8 to 12 minutes.
Cocoa Nib Tuile:
    • 200 g. magic sugar
    • 40 g. cocoa nibs
1. Cook the Magic Sugar to 160°C.
2. Remove from heat and add the cocoa nibs.
3. Pour onto a Silpat and roll flat.
4. Pull to cut as needed.
To Assemble and Serve:
    • Belcolade Ecuador 71% chocolate
    • cocoa butter
1. Coat the bottom of meringue with a thin layer of chocolate and place in an 8-inch ring.
2. Set the salted chocolate cream in a 5-inch pasty ring and allow to set; then pour the passion fruit gelée over the cream and allow to set.
3. Place a thin layer of the chocolate mousse over the meringue.
4. Add the salted cream-passion fruit “disc” over the mousse layer.
5. Fill the remainder of the ring with the chocolate mousse.
6. Freeze until set. With a spray gun, coat the cake with spray chocolate, a 2 to 1 ratio of Belcolade Ecuador 71% and cocoa butter.
7. Garnish with the glass nib tuile.