Chocolate Salted Chocolate Cream & Passion Fruit Gelée

Ron Paprocki / Pastry Chef, Gordon Ramsay at the London New York, NY; Event - 2010 International Pastry Competition

For the Passion Fruit Gelée:
    • 250 g. The Perfect Purée Passion Fruit Concentrate, thawed
    • 50 g. sugar
    • 1 1/2 leaves gelatin, bloomed
Method for the Passion Fruit Gelée:
1. Heat the Passion Fruit Concentrate with the sugar.
2. Add the bloomed gelatin to the Passion Fruit Concentrate and keep cool until ready to use.
For the Salted Chocolate Cream:
    • 200 g. heavy cream
    • 20 g. trimoline (inverted sugar)
    • 170 g. Belcolade Ecuador 71% chocolate
    • 40 g. butter
    • 5 g. fleur de sel
Method for the Salted Chocolate Cream:
1. Bring the heavy cream and trimoline to a boil.
2. Pour over the chocolate and emulsify.
3. Add the butter at 40°C and season with fleur de sel.
For the Chocolate Mousse:
    • 180 g. milk
    • 70 g. heavy cream
    • 25 g. trimoline
    • 60 g. egg yolks
    • 285 g. chocolate
    • 500 g. heavy cream, semi-whipped
Method for the Chocolate Mousse:
1. Make a crème anglaise with the first four ingredients.
2. Heat 300 grams of the crème anglaise and pour over the chocolate.
3. Emulsify and add the semi-whipped cream once the mixture is between 40°C and 45°C.
For the Moist Macarons:
    • 150 g. egg whites
    • 110 g. sugar
    • 125 g. 10x flour
    • 100 g. almond flour
    • 45 g. T55 flour
    • 5 g. cocoa powder
Method for the Moist Macarons:
1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
2. Whisk the egg whites and sugar to soft peaks.
3. Combine the dried ingredients and fold into the meringue.
4. Pipe a 6-inch circle disc of meringue on parchment paper.
5. Bake for 8 to 12 minutes.
For the Cocoa Nib Tuile:
    • 200 g. magic sugar
    • 40 g. cocoa nibs
Method for the Cocoa Nib Tuile:
1. Cook the magic sugar to 160°C.
2. Remove from heat and add the cocoa nibs.
3. Pour onto a silpat and roll flat.
4. Pull to cut as needed.
To assemble and serve:
    • Belcolade Ecuador 71% chocolate
    • Cocoa butter
1. Coat the bottom of meringue with a thin layer of chocolate and place in an 8-inch ring.
2. Set the salted chocolate cream in a 5-inch pasty ring and allow to set; then pour the passion fruit gelée over the cream and allow to set.
3. Place a thin layer of the chocolate mousse over the meringue.
4. Add the salted cream-passion fruit “disc” over the mousse layer.
5. Fill the remainder of the ring with the chocolate mousse.
6. Freeze until set. With a spray gun, coat the cake with spray chocolate, a 2 to 1 ratio of Belcolade Ecuador 71% and cocoa butter.
7. Garnish with the glass nib tuile.