Coconut Custard with Tapioca mixed in Pate De Fruit

Chef Hope Barbeau (IG: @hopebarb),, Los Angeles, CA; Photo by Hope Barbeau

For the Coconut Custard:
900g The Perfect Purée Coconut Puree, thawed
300g sugar
6 sheets gelatin
Method for the Coconut Custard:
1. Boil sugar and coconut puree for 2 minutes. Remove from heat.
2. Add in bloomed gelatin to melt.
3. Cool, stir periodically while cooling.
Method for the Tapioca – Large Boba:
1. Fill small rondeau with water to boil. Once hot, add boba. You can do this a pint at a time.
2. Boil for approximately 1 hour.
3. Continue to boil until the little white spot in middle disappears. Add more water if water gets too low.
4. Strain at the end and rinse well.
5. Set 90g Coconut Custard mixed in a cup with 45g of cooked tapioca while still warm. It will keep two days in the prepackaged cups. Store remaining cooked tapioca in ginger syrup or choice of simple syrup (60:40 sugar to water ratio).
For the Pate De Fruit:
250g The Perfect Purée Prickly Pear Puree, Tamarind Puree or Mango Puree
285g sugar
50g glucose syrup
3g citric in 3g lemon juice
5g apple pectin
Method for the Pate De Fruit:
1. Cook puree to 120F/48C.
2. Add pectin mixed with a little of the sugar. Boil for 1 minute.
3. Add glucose and remaining sugar. Cook to 90C.
4. Add citric mixture. Cook for 1 minute.
5. Mix should cook to roughly about 90C depending on flavor used. Cook until thick and set in sprayed 8” cake pan. It will be a thin layer.
6. Set overnight. Cut into small cubes.
For the Brown Sugar Tuile:
300g sugar
150g brown sugar
42g coconut flour
18g salt
250g butter, melted
210g heavy cream
135g egg yolks
Method for the Brown Sugar Tuile:
1. Combine wets and dries. Bake on silpat at 350F for approximately 10 minutes.
2. Cool and break into small pieces.
3. Add in pre-toasted large coconut flakes (chips). You can toast them separately and add in later so they don’t burn.
For the Coconut Sorbet:
1200g coconut milk
788g sorbet syrup (water, sugar and dextrose)
1g citric acid
6g vegan sorbet stabilizer (Pregel)
6g salt
Method for the Coconut Sorbet:
1. Blend. Set in PacoJet Can. Freeze overnight. You can also use a Taylor Ice Cream Machine instead.
For the Passion Fruit Granita:
200g The Perfect Purée Passion Fruit Concentrate, thawed
125g sugar
550g water
2g salt
15g lime juice
Method for the Passion Fruit Granita:
1. Blend all. Freeze in shallow hotel (or half hotel) pan. Scrape periodically with fork.