Coconut Mousse

Six 2-oz. servings

Kehaulani Smith, Jordan Littrell, Emily Schwartz, Katie Keith and Caleb Kleynen, students at The Academy of Culinary Arts & Hospitality at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, Tex.

4 oz.The Perfect Purée Coconut Puree, thawed
2 eggs
10 oz. heavy cream
0.3 oz. gelatin sheets
0.9 oz. unsalted butter
1.8 oz. granulated sugar
0.02 oz. coconut extract
1. Measure out 10 oz. of heavy cream; 2 eggs; 4 oz. of The Perfect Purée Coconut; .3 oz. of gelatin; .9 oz. of unsalted butter; 1.8 oz. of granulated sugar; and .02 oz. of coconut extract.
2. Set up two small ring molds with plastic wrap tightly sealing the bottom to ensure the mousse mixture does not leak.
3. In a small hotel pan bloom gelatin in shallow water.
4. Heat 2 oz. of heavy cream. This will be used to temper eggs later.
5. While the cream is heating, melt the butter in a double boiler.
6. Whip 8 oz. of heavy cream to form soft peaks in a small hand-powered mixer with the whip attachment.
7. Crack and separate the eggs.
8. Once the butter is melted, whisk egg yolks and sugar into the butter.
9. Keep whisking the egg mixture while moving the bowl on and off the pot of the double boiler until all the sugar is fully dissolved.
10. Remove gelatin from water and squeeze out the excess water, then whisk it into the egg mixture until fully dissolved.
11. Slowly pour the 2 oz. of hot cream into the mixture while whisking vigorously until the eggs are tempered
12. Whisk in The Perfect Purée Coconut and the coconut extract.
13. Transfer the 8 oz. of whipped cream to the coconut mixture with a rubber spatula.
14. Fold the cream into the mixture until fully incorporated.
15. Transfer the mousse mixture into a piping bag.
16. Fill the ring molds with the coconut mousse and tap the molds lightly to remove any air.
17. Using a small offset spatula, scrape across the top of the mold to ensure a smooth top.
18. Position the ring molds in a freezer or on dry ice until frozen solid (about 30 minutes).
19. Remove the molds from the ice and separate each mousse from its ring mold.
20. Set aside until ready for plating.