El Corazon Jellies

Jimmy MacMillan / Pastry Chef, Pastry Virtuosity, Chicago; Event - Pastry Arts Virtual Summit 2021

    • 1000 g. The Perfect Purée El Corazon blend, thawed
    • 30 g. yellow pectin
    • 900 g. sugar, divided into 100g and 800g
    • 250 g. glucose syrup
    • 12 g. tartaric acid
1. Combine 100 g. sugar and pectin.
2. In a small sauce pot, mix sugar pectin mixture with El Corazon blend and cook to boil.
3. Add remaining 800 g. sugar and glucose. Cook to 106°C or 228°F.
4. Remove from heat; add citric acid mixed 1:1 with water.
5. Pour into pan prepared with silicone mat and caramel rulers.
6. Cool to set. Cut into 1” squares and toss in sugar seasoned with chili peppers and salt.