January Punch

1 batch

Mimi Burnham

24 oz. The Perfect Purée Prickly Pear Puree, thawed
40 oz. water
7 Rosehip tea bags (Onno Behrends Brand)
18 oz. ginger beer
16 oz. seltzer
12 oz. pure acai juice
5 oz. lemon juice
3 oz. grapefruit juice
3 tbsp. sorghum syrup
Allow tea bags to steep for 40 minutes. Squeeze tea bags and discard. Combine lemon juice and sorghum syrup and shake well to thoroughly blend. Add all ingredients, except for the ginger beer and seltzer, to a punch bowl and stir to blend. Add ginger beer and seltzer, and gently stir as to keep some bubbles. Add ice to chill the punch. Garnish with an ice ring of rosemary, lemon wheels and fresh cranberries.