Koyya Paanam

1 drink

Rohit Gawali, Mixologist / Panorama Room

Inspired by childhood memories and dedicated to my late grandmother:

When I was a kid, my brothers and I would stay with my grandma for a couple of months every summer. She had a Pink Guava tree, which was rare in India. We used to pick the Pink Guava from the tree, and our granny would cut the fruit into pieces and add her special spice mix (made of red chili powder, salt, and chaat masala). Those summer memories are unforgettable and inspired me to create: Koyya Paanam.

Ingredients for Koyya Paanam:

Method for Koyya Paanam:

  1. Mix all ingredients except milk.
  2. Clarify with the help of milk.
  3. Strain all the liquid with a coffee filter and a fine strainer.
  4. Pour the clarified liquid into a soda machine. Add 30 ml of water and carbonate the liquid.
  5. Serve over long clear ice in Acopa Radiance glass, and use spiced guava spread and edible flower garden to garnish.