Mango Curd

Approx. 1 pint

Thuy-Linh Carroll (IG: @bustersbakeshop) / Pastry Chef and Owner, Buster’s Bakeshop, Dallas, TX; Photo by @andreainthailand

    • 264 g. The Perfect Purée Mango Puree, thawed
    • 100 g. granulated sugar
    • 30 g. lemon juice
    • 100 g. whole eggs
    • 40 g. egg yolks
    • 0.4 g. kosher salt
    • 57 g. unsalted butter, cold and cubed
1. Combine in saucepan: puree, sugar, lemon juice, eggs, salt.
2. Whisking constantly, cook until mixture reaches 175-180°F. Final texture: nappe.
3. While curd is cooking, place cold butter into the curd’s air-tight storage container.
4. Sieve curd directly into the curd’s storage container, containing the butter.
5. Immersion blend the curd with the butter until emulsified.
6. Place storage container into an ice bath to cool quickly.
7. Contact wrap curd (to prevent a skin forming) and put lid on top of container.
8. Refrigerate and use within 7 days.
General notes:
    • Use a silicone balloon whisk as a metal whisk may discolor the curd.
    • Curd can be frozen (with contact wrap, in an airtight container) for up to 6 months.