Papaya and Pink Guava Helado

Ben Diaz / Executive Chef of Luxe City Center Downtown, LA; Event - AltaMed Food & Wine Festival Los Angeles and San Clemente 2018; Photo by Ben Diaz

12 oz. The Perfect Purée Papaya Puree, thawed
24 oz. The Perfect Purée Pink Guava Puree, thawed
4 cups sugar
2 oz. glucose
1 cup apple juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup half and half
In a large sauce pot, combine the sugar, glucose, apple juice, orange juice and half and half; bring to a light simmer while stirring constantly. Cook for 5 minutes. Next remove and strain the mixture. Place into a large container and add the Papaya and Pink Guava Puree. Using a large stick blender, puree smooth until lightly frothy. Refrigerate base for 40 minutes. Next, place into a large ice cream machine and churn for 1 hour. Now remove the ice cream and place into the desired mold and let set. Garnish with fruit pearls.