Pistachio Linzer with Red Raspberry Ice Cream

20 servings

Pastry Chef Cecily Austin of The Oval Room – Washington, D.C. Adapted by

Salted Coffee Semifreddo:
    • 700 g. heavy cream
    • 250 g. heavy cream
    • 145 g. sugar
    • 112 g. egg whites
    • 80 g. egg yolks
    • 30 g. sugar
    • 25 g. coffee extract
    • 20 g. cognac
    • 20 g. Kosher salt
1. Put 250 grams of the cream in a pot and scald. Combine the other 250 grams heavy cream with the yolks and 145 grams of the sugar. Cook like an anglaise to 88°C, remove from heat, and strain through a chiniose into an ice bath. Cool and add cognac, coffee extract, and salt. Whip egg whites and 30 grams of sugar to create a meringue. Fold into the coffee mixture. Whip the 700 grams of heavy cream and fold into the coffee mixture. Pour into molds and freeze overnight. Unmold and cut into desired shapes; reserve.
Red Raspberry Ice Cream::
    • 300 g. The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Red Raspberry Purée,  thawed
    • 300 g. milk
    • 150 g. egg yolks
    • 150 g. sugar
    • 100 g. cream
    • 70 g. glucose
    • 50 g. trimoline
    • 10 g. PreGel Nitro Stabilizer
    • 2 oz. Chambord
2. Bring the milk and cream to a scald. Whisk together the egg yolks and sugar, and temper in the liquid. Add the stabilizer, glucose, and trimoline, and cook to 85°C. Strain, blend with a Waring immersion blender, and cool. When cool, blend in Chambord. Process in an ice cream machine following manufacturer’s instructions.
Pistachio Ice Cream:
    • 1036 g. whole milk
    • 250 g. heavy cream
    • 120 g. invert sugar
    • 100 g. PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Pistachio Superior Paste
    • 100 g. egg yolks
    • 100 g. sugar
    • 70 g. non-fat dry milk powder
    • 70 g. glucose powder
    • 5 g. PreGel Nitro Stabilizer
3. Bring the milk, heavy cream, pistachio paste, and invert sugar to a boil in a sauce pan. Combine the sugar, milk powder, glucose powder, and stabilizer in a bowl, and add the dry ingredients to the milk mixture, using a Waring immersion blender. Temper in the egg yolks and cook to 85°C. Strain through a chinois into an ice bath and chill. Spin in an ice cream machine according to manufacturer’s instructions and reserve.
Pistachio Crunch:
    • 200 g. corn flakes, crushed and toasted.
    • 150 g. PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Pistachio Superior Paste
    • 100 g. chopped pistachios, toasted
    • 75 g. Cacao Barry White Chocolate
    • 50 g. cocoa butter
    • 25 g. butter
4. Melt the chocolate, cocoa butter, butter, and pistachio paste over a double boiler. Add the cornflakes; add the pistachios. Add salt to taste, spread out on a sheet tray and freeze. Cut into ½-inch by 2 ¾-inch strips and reserve, frozen.
Frozen Raspberry Powder:
    • 450 g. The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Red Raspberry Purée,  thawed
    • liquid nitrogen
5. Press the raspberry puree through a chinois and freeze. Process in a Waring food processor.
Pistachio Linzer:
    • 375 g. cake flour
    • 250 g. butter
    • 130 g. sugar
    • 100 g. chopped pistachios, toasted
    • 90 g. pistachio Flour
    • 25 g. egg yolks
    • 2 g. salt
    • 2 g. cinnamon
6. Cream the butter and sugar. Sift together the salt, pistachio flour, cake flour, and cinnamon and rain into the butter mixture. Add the pistachios, then add the egg yolks. Process through a dough sheeter. Slice into 3 X 1 inch rectangles and bake at 300°F until lightly browned, about 10 minutes.
Pistachio Cake:
    • 380 g. sugar
    • 330 g. all-purpose flour
    • 190 g. grapeseed oil
    • 135 g. whole milk
    • 120 g. PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Pistachio Superior Paste
    • 5 g. baking powder
    • 3 eggs
7. Whisk the eggs and sugar in a stand mixer until light and fluffy. On low speed, add the grapeseed oil, then add the flour and baking powder. Add in the pistachio paste. Spread batter on a lined and greased ½-sheet tray and bake at 350°F for 11 minutes. Cool, cut into desired shapes, and reserve.
Caramelized Isomalt:
    • 250 g. sugar
    • 250 g. PreGel Magic Sugar
    • 100 g. pistachios
    • water
8. Combine the sugar and isomalt with enough water to create a quicksand consistency in a sauce pot. Bring to a caramel color over medium heat. Remove from heat, add in pistachios, and pour onto a tray lined with a non-stick mat. When cool, break into pieces and grind into a powder in a Waring food processor. Redistribute on a lined tray and re-melt in a 350°F oven. Break into chunks and reserve.
Pistachio Powder:
    • 100 g. PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Pistachio Superior Paste
    • 30 g. tapioca maltodextrin
9. Combine the tapioca maltodextrin and paste in a Waring food processor. Process through a fine tamis.
Lemon Caramel:
    • 190 g. sugar
    • 190 g. glucose
    • 167 g. fresh lemon juice
    • water
10. Combine the sugar, glucose, and water in a pot and cook to caramel. Add in the lemon juice and reserve.
Sweet Milk Shooter:
    • 500 g. whole milk
    • 75 g. confectioners sugar
11. Combine the milk and sugar using a whisk. Strain through a chinois, chill, and reserve.
To assemble and serve:
Streak the plate with the Lemon Caramel. Stack the Pistachio Cake, Pistachio Linzer, Pistachio Crunch, and Coffee Semifreddo on the plate. Garnish with the Caramelized Isomalt, Pistachio Powder, and Frozen Raspberry Powder. Quenelle the Pistachio Gelato and Red Raspberry Ice Cream nearby each other and place the Sweet Milk Shooter in a glass on the other side of the plate.