Pomegranate Caramel Jack-O’-Lantern Pralines

Brian Donaghy / Chef

For the Pomegranate Caramel:
    • 38 g. The Perfect Purée Pomegranate Concentrate, thawed
    • 238 g. sugar
    • 24 g. glucose
    • 184 g. water
    • 450 g. heavy cream
    • 66 g. butter
Method for the Pomegranate Caramel:
1. Combine sugar, glucose and water in a saucepot and cook until a light caramel is created.
2. Add warmed cream, Pomegranate Concentrate and water to caramel and stir to incorporate ingredients.
3. Heat caramel mixture to 260°F and remove from heat. Cool mixture to 95°F and incorporate butter.
4. Continue to cool and caramel is ready for use when temperature of mixture reaches 83°F.
For the Jack-O’-Lantern Shells:
    • 1 jack-o’-lantern pumpkin mold (I-1520)
    • 1 chocolate jade green cocoa butter
    • 1 chocolate crimson red cocoa butter
    • 1 chocolate sunrise orange cocoa butter
    • 1 chocolate alabaster white cocoa butter
    • 1 airbrush, for spraying warmed colored cocoa butters
Method for the Jack-O-Lantern Shells:
1. Starting with clean dry molds and an airbrush, spray jade green cocoa butter into the stem of each cavity.
2. Spray crimson red cocoa butter across 1/3 of each cavity followed by sunrise orange cocoa butter over the remaining cavity surface.
3. To complete color application, spray the alabaster white cocoa butter over all cavity surfaces.
Method for the Pralines:
1. Temper dark chocolate and create a shell molded jack-o’-lanterns by filling with chocolate, vibrating and dumping out excess chocolate forming a thin chocolate shell on the inside of each cavity.
2. When chocolate has cooled and a thin shell has set, deposit pomegranate caramel into each cavity and refrigerate briefly to set the caramel.
3. Cap off each praline with tempered chocolate and cool thoroughly until pieces have released from the mold.
Tools & Supplies:
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