Purple Reign

16 servings

Rhonda Kave / Owner of Roni-Sue's Chocolates, New York City, NY; Event - Chocolate & Cocktails NYC 2016

    • 1 jar The Perfect Purée Blackberry Puree, thawed
    • 32 oz. Valrhona Caribe chocolate feves
    • 4 trays Valrhona dark chocolate truffle shells
    • 8 oz. Valrhona Opalys white chocolate feves
    • 1 1/2 cup heavy cream
    • 1 tsp. sea salt
    • 1 cup Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto
    • 1/3 cup Licor de Moras (or blackberry liqueur/wine)
    • 1/2 cup freeze-dried blueberry powder
    • Edible purple glitter
1. The day before making your ganache, spread the Blackberry Puree onto full sheet pan lined with three sheets of parchment paper.
2. Allow it to drain overnight, thickening and concentrating the puree.
3. Scrape the puree back into the container and it should be reduced by volume by one third (more is fine).
4. To begin the ganache, melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave until fluid and set aside.
5. Heat cream in microwave or on stove-top, being careful not to scald, set aside.
6. Using food processor with dough blade pour in the chocolate, add salt and blend using pulse feature to mix. You can also use a stick blender, being careful not to incorporate air.
7. Add the port and blackberry liqueur to the reduced puree and mix thoroughly (you can shake it right in the jar). Pulse about 1/3 of the mixture into the chocolate. It may thicken up and “break” or separate — that’s okay. Break up any clumps and pulse in a bit more of the puree mixture. You can add some of the cream at this point and pulse/process to smooth out the mixture. Continue to add in the puree and cream alternately, ending with the cream.
8. You should have a loose, pipe-able ganache when finished. Using a piping bag or Ziploc bag with tip cut, pipe ganache into the truffle shells, filling to bottom of rim. Allow to set up overnight.
9. The next day, temper some dark chocolate and seal shells. Allow to set up for at least one hour.
10. Temper your white chocolate and stir in the blueberry powder to incorporate.
11. Using gloved hands, overcoat dark shell with white chocolate/blueberry and place each truffle on a parchment paper covered tray.
12. Sprinkle finished truffles with edible purple glitter in batches before chocolate sets.