Red Jalapeño Taffy

Jimmy MacMillan / Pastry Chef, Pastry Virtuosity, Chicago, IL; Photo by Giovanna Gomes

    • 300 g. The Perfect Purée Red Jalapeño Puree, thawed
    • 100 g. sugar
    • 100 g. isomalt
    • 7.5 g. cornstarch
    • 4 g. salt
    • 200 g. glucose
    • 18 g. glycerin
    • 36 g. butter
    • 3 g. smoked paprika
1. Combine sugar, isomalt, cornstarch and salt in a medium pot and warm slightly.
2. Add glucose, glycerin and Red Jalapeño Puree and cook to 110°C or 230°F.
3. Add butter and smoked paprika and cook to 116°C or 240°F.
4. Pour out onto a pan prepared with silicone mat and caramel rulers or frame.
5. Pour into pan prepared with silicone mat and caramel rulers.
6. Cool to set. Cut to desired size and wrap in wax paper or candy wrapper.