Red Sangria Demi

20 portions

Vlad Briantsev (IG: @chef_briantsev) / Chef and Owner, Cookingwithvlad, Chicago, IL; Photo by Vlad Briantsev

    • 850 g. The Perfect Purée Red Sangria blend, thawed
    • 1000 g. veal demi glace
    • 1 g. xantham gum
    • 5 g. salt
    • 100 g. water
1. Heat Red Sangria blend until simmer.
2. Blend in xantham gum.
3. Whisk in demi glace.
4. Reduce until napa or slightly thick.
5. Place over ice bath or use immediately.
6. Pair with duck breast, grilled white peaches and frisée salad with brioche croutons.