1 drink

Chevy Goh, Montia Garcia and Christopher Gutierrez

    • 2 oz. The Perfect Purée Thai Basil & Black Pepper blend, thawed
    • 1 pipette The Perfect Purée Sweet Hibiscus, thawed (as garnish to squeeze in before drinking)
    • 2 oz. Amsterdam Damrak Virgin 0.0 Gin
    • 1 1/2 oz. club soda
    • Dried hibiscus, lime wedge and Thai Basil leaf for garnish
Combine non-alcoholic spirit, Thai Basil & Black Pepper blend and club soda into Collins glass with ice. Garnish with dried hibiscus, lime wedge and Thai Basil leaf. Fill up pipette with Sweet Hibiscus and place it on top of or beside glass to serve. Squeeze pipette into drink before drinking.