Banana Cream Pie Dome

18 pies

Toni Roberts (IG: @_toniroberts_) / Pastry Chef & CIA Bachelor's Alumnae '05, Ritz-Carlton, Chicago, IL

For the Banana Compote Inclusion (yields 12):
    • 25 g. light brown sugar
    • 50 g. butter
    • 10 g. vanilla paste
    • 350 g. bananas
    • 30 g. dark rum
    • 2 gelatin sheets
Method for the Banana Compote Inclusion:
1. Bloom the gelatin in cold water.
2. Melt together the butter, sugar and vanilla paste in a pan.
3. Add the bananas and sauté until it starts to fall apart.
4. Deglaze with the rum and add the bloomed gelatin.
5. Scoop into small dome molds.
6. Press parchment flat on the surface and freeze.
For the Banana Vanilla Bean Whipped Mousse (yields 18):
    • 200 g. The Perfect Purée Banana Puree, thawed
    • 100 g. cream
    • 25 g. invert sugar
    • 25 g. glucose
    • 1 vanilla bean
    • 170 g. white chocolate
    • 325 g. cold cream
Method for the Banana Vanilla Bean Whipped Mousse:
1. Bring 100 g. cream, Banana Puree, invert sugar, glucose, and vanilla bean to a simmer. Steep for 20 minutes.
2. Melt the white chocolate.
3. Blend the banana cream mixture into the white chocolate in fourths. Stir vigorously using a rubber spatula with each addition, making sure to scrape the bowl as you stir. The first addition will look broken – this is ok. By the fourth addition it should be a nice, smooth emulsion (the vanilla bean can stay in this whole time).
4. With the immersion blender, blend in the cold cream.
5. With the immersion blender, blend in the remaining 325 g. cold cream. Strain into a bowl. Chill overnight in a hotel pan no more than 2″ deep with plastic touching.
6. Whip the mixture on medium speed to medium peaks.
7. Pipe ganache into a large dome mold just below the edge. Press in a frozen dome of Banana Compote Inclusion. Smooth the top with a small offset spatula. Cover with parchment and freeze solid.
For the Yellow Glaze:
    • 390 g. water
    • 600 g. sugar
    • 600 g. glucose
    • 430 g. sweetened condensed milk
    • 54 g. gelatin sheets
    • 650 g. white chocolate
    • Yellow food coloring
Method for the Yellow Glaze:
1. Bloom the gelatin.
2. Melt the chocolate.
3. Bring the water, sugar, and glucose to a boil.
4. Stir in the sweetened condensed milk and bloomed gelatin.
5. Blend into the chocolate in fourths until emulsified.
6. Dye yellow with the gel color.
7. Only use at 35°C on super frozen mousse.
For the Butter Tart Dough:
    • 450 g. all-purpose flour
    • 9 g. salt
    • 106 g. sugar
    • 1 lb. butter
    • 2 eggs
Method for the Butter Tart Dough:
1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Cube butter and paddle into flour, salt and sugar until sandy.
3. Add the eggs and incorporate completely.
4. Sheet between parchment to 1/8″ thick.
5. Chill well.
6. Pull the parchment from both sides of the dough and punch with punch with #70 round cutter.
7. Bake until brown for about 20 minutes at 325˚F on a black silpat on a rack with another black silpat on top, rotating midway through baking
For the Candied Walnuts:
    • 450 g. walnuts
    • 400 g. sugar
    • 400 g. water
Method for the Candied Walnuts:
1. Cover the walnuts in equal parts sugar and water.
2. Simmer until the walnuts begin to look translucent, 30-40 minutes.
3. Drain thoroughly.
4. Deep fry until golden brown at 350˚F.
5. Store with paper towels underneath.
1. Whip the mousse and pipe into the large dome molds just below the top.
2. Press a frozen banana compote dome into the mousse to be flush with the top.
3. Use the small offset to make the tops flat.
4. Cover with parchment and freeze solid.
5. Once super frozen, unmold onto a rack with square holes.
6. Warm the glaze to 35°C and pour over the domes.
7. Using a torch, a large offset and small offset, move the glazed domes to the baked pie crust.
8. Line the dome just above the crust with ground candied walnuts.
9. Garnish the top with a whole candied walnut and freeze dried banana.
10. Once super frozen, unmold onto a rack with square holes.
11. Serve chilled.