Lychee Lime & Shiso Sorbet

Lychee Lime & Shiso Sorbet

Yields about 1 ½ quarts

Chef Jessica Vasquez (Instagram: @jessiecakebakes) at Momotaro in Chicago's West Loop Neighborhood

Ingredients for Lychee Lime and Shiso Sorbet:

Method for Lychee Lime and Shiso Sorbet:

  1. Combine sugar, stabilizer, and glucose powder in a bowl, set aside
  2. In a pot, heat up water and cast in sugar mixture, then add inverted sugar
  3. Whisk to combine, then add chopped shiso and lime zest
  4. cook to a boil, strain out the shiso and zest and cool in an ice bath
  5. Once cooled, stir in lychee puree, lime juice, and citric acid
  6. whisk to combine then let base mature overnight before spinning