Yuzu Togarashi

Yield 1/8 sheet pan

Chef Jessica Vasquez (Instagram: @jessiecakebakes) at Momotaro in Chicago's West Loop Neighborhood

Ingredients for Togarashi Sugar Mix:

  • 30 g. togarashi
  • 40 g. sugar
  • 4 g citric acid

Method for for Togarashi Sugar Mix:

  1. Blend in a spice blender, set aside and reserve

Ingredients for Yuzu Togarashi:

Method for Yuzu Togarashi:

  1. Spray ⅛ sheet tray with cooking spray and line with double plastic wrap, set aside
  2. Combine sugar #1 and pectin in small bowl, whisk to combine and set aside.
  3. In a small pot, add Yuzu Luxe Sour and heat to 120F.
  4. Whisk in pectin mixture to Yuzu Luxe Sour and bring to a boil
  5. Continue whisking, then add sugar #2 and glucose syrup, cook to 223°
  6. Once mixture has reached 223°, add citric acid and whisk to combine
  7. Pour mixture into ⅛ sheet tray and let cool at room temperature
  8. Once cooled and set, cut into 1” squares and toss into togarashi mixture
  9. *Side note* make sure to run your knife under hot water in between cuts to get clean edges and to avoid knife getting too sticky.