No Discrimination

1 drink

Instagram: @ramithemixologist; Photo by @ramithemixologist

For the Cocktail:
    • 3/4 oz. Ron Colon Salvadoreno Overproof Aged Rum
    • 1 oz. The Perfect Purée Pink Guava Puree, thawed
    • 1 1/2 oz. Lemon Verbena infused Ming River Baijiu
    • 1 oz. orgeat
    • 1 oz. lime juice
    • 2 dashes Szechuan bitters
For the Lemon Verbena Infused Baijiu:
    • 1 oz. fresh lemon verbena (1/4 oz. dried)
    • 8 oz. Ming River Baijiu
Method for the Lemon Verbena Infused Baijiu:
Combine in a container. Let sit overnight and strain.

Method for the Cocktail:
Shake well until very cold, fine strain over cracked ice. Garnish with lemon verbena and candied bamboo shoots (cook bamboo shoots in simple syrup).