Passione (Passion Fruit Liquid Caramel)

1 tray

Karen Urbanek / Artist and Owner, Flying Noir Artisan Chocolates, Oakland, CA

70 g. The Perfect Purée Passion Fruit Concentrate, thawed
174 g. cream
4 pinches schichimi togarashi spice
1 pinch Saigon cinnamon
342 g. sugar
84 g. unsalted butter
68 g. honey
1. Bring the cream, purée and spices to a boil, cover and set aside. (Cook’s note: The mixture does not need to be kept heated, but it should be warm when it is added to the hot caramel.)
2. Work a little fresh citrus juice into the sugar to aid in preventing crystallization. Carefully tip the sugar into the pan so that no crystals appear on the side of the pan. Make a small well in the center and add the honey. Watch and tilt the pan but resist the temptation to stir or the caramel will crystallize later.
3. Bring the temperature of the sugar mixture slowly up to 260°F so that the sugar melts entirely, then increase the temperature to 310°F. Look for the color to deepen until it resembles a dark copper penny. Heat the caramel just to the smoke point. As soon as the first puffs of smoke from the evaporating liquid appear, quickly remove the pan from the heat before it burns or the caramel will be bitter. Immediately add the cream in a careful stream — it will boil up wildly. Stir fully to incorporate cream, add room temperature butter and stir until all is combined, cool and use as desired.