Prickly Pear Chocolate Ganache Tart

12 tarts

Jacques Poulain / Chef, Aalst Chocolate, Singapore

Ingredients for the tart shells:
    • 4 oz. butter
    • 4 oz. sugar
    • 1 egg
    • 10 oz. flour
Method for tart shells:
1. Mix ingredients well.
2. Distribute evenly in 12 tart shells and bake 350°F at 30 minutes.
Ingredients for the Prickly Pear Chocolate Ganache:
    • 4 oz. The Perfect Purée Prickly Pear Puree, thawed
    • 4 oz. cream
    • 2 oz. inverted sugar
    • 12 oz. semisweet chocolate
    • 2 oz. butter
Method for Prickly Pear Chocolate Ganache:
1. Warm the cream, Prickly Pear Puree, and inverted sugar. Pour the mixture over the chocolate and mix. Cut the butter into small pieces and add to the mixture. Stir the mixture until smooth.
2. Pour the mixture into the tart shells and cool.