Rye, Molasses and Orange Sourdough

Nina Baker (IG: @ninabakingshenanigans) / Home baker, Pleasanton, CA; Adapted from's original recipe

1 tbsp. The Perfect Purée Orange Zest, thawed
250 g strong bread flour (minimum 12% gluten)
100 g rye flour (whole grain Gazelle)
60 g active mature starter (100% hydrated)
245 g water
20 g molasses (increase molasses for a darker shade, not more than 40 g)
6 g salt
1. Make the starter ahead of time.
2. Place flours in a big bowl.
3. Mix water with Orange Zest, then combine with starter and molasses and give a quick mix.
4. Add the water mixture to the flour and mix using a spatula until well incorporated.
5. Cover and set aside for an hour.
6. Add the salt and mix to incorporate. Do not over mix. Knead for about a minute until dough is smoother.
7. Let this rest for 45 minutes, covered.
8. Give a fold after 45 minute rest.
9. Repeat this twice more (3 folds in total at 45 minute intervals).
10. After the final fold let the dough rest for 1 hour (or longer if your room temperature is below 25 °C / 72 °F).
11. After the bulk proof, pre-shape the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes.
12. Then shape the loaf and place in the proofing basket.
13. Cover with a plastic bag and refrigerate for 18 – 24 hours.
14. When ready to bake, pre-heat the oven (for 1 hour) with dutch oven (if using), to 500 °F.
15. Take the bread from fridge (if it hasn’t proofed, you can leave it out for about 30 minutes and place back in fridge).
16. Place the loaf on a parchment, score/slash and transfer to the dutch oven or directly in the oven/pizza stone. Bake it whichever way you usually bake bread.
17. Bake lid closed (if using a dutch oven) for 20 minutes and then reduce temperature to 450 °F and bake a further 20 – 25 minutes with lid off (if using dutch oven).
18. Let the baked bread cool on a wire rack.
19. Slice and enjoy.