Thor’s Holiday

1 drink

Kyle Beach, MG Road Lounge, Asheville, NC

    • 1 oz. Beefeater Gin
    • 3/4 oz. North Shore Distillery Aquavit
    • 1/2 oz. Passion Fruit Syrup
    • 3/4 oz. fresh pineapple juice
    • house cardamom tincture
For the Passion Fruit Syrup:
    • 12 oz. The Perfect Purée Passion Fruit Concentrate, thawed
    • 12 oz. 1:1 simple syrup
Method for the Passion Fruit Syrup:
Add thawed Passion Fruit Concentrate to simple syrup at room temperature. Stir to combine thoroughly.
Method for the cocktail:
Shake ingredients with ice and double strain into old fashioned glass with large, preferably clear, ice cube. Brush mint top across hand and garnish