Recipe Photos by Chef Peng S. Looi

A 9-course feast to welcome the Year of the Ox

Lunar New Year is celebrated with family, dishes galore, red packets and brand new clothes. Kentucky-based Malaysian born chef, Peng S. Looi of Noosh Nosh Restaurant shares his recipes for a resplendent 9-course family-style meal, inspired by Chinese dishes of Malaysia. Along with desserts meticulously crafted by Pastry Chef David Hunter, this feast makes Zoom gatherings festive and extra special to welcome the year of the Metal Ox.


Chef Peng S. Looi“Authenticity is not as important as cooking something authentically delicious.”
– Chef Peng S. Looi



Nyonya Curry Chicken

Fifth Course

Nyonya Curry Chicken
Discover Coconut, Ginger and Tamarind

Poached Pear

Ninth Course

Poached Pear
Discover Carmelized Pineapple and Lychee