Derrin Davis / Owner & Executive Chef, WaterFire Restaurant, Yakima, Washington

WaterFire Restaurant & Bar is a culinary celebration of the natural elements of Washington’s Yakima Valley. Long, sunny summer days, rich volcanic soil and winding waterways converge in this corner of the Northwest to form the perfect atmosphere for a Pacific Rim concept featuring abundant local produce and flavors.

Executive Chef Derrin Davis has built his career on finding new ways to experience the flavors of the world, especially the Pacific Rim.

“The amazing agricultural abundance in our region creates the perfect canvas to bring those flavors to life,” he says.

Derrin earned a degree in culinary arts and foodservice management from Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts School and climbed the industry ladder working around the country. A Yakima native, he dreamed of opening a restaurant in his hometown and bought WaterFire with his parents in August, 2018. Less than two years later, he was put to the greatest test of his career.

“During the pandemic we’ve had to get extremely creative with modified outdoor seating, delivery and curbside,” he says.

To maintain high standards of fresh, exciting flavor, Derrin keeps at least a dozen of The Perfect Purée flavors on hand to rotate through the fresh cocktail menu. Blackberry Sage Gin & Tonic is an autumnal twist on summer’s favorite refresher with savory sage syrup that complements the tartness of The Perfect Purée Blackberry Puree.

The rich, dusky flavor of Blackberry holds up to earthy fall ingredients. On the kitchen menu, Derrin makes a Blackberry Sorbet as a palate cleanser for a Kumamoto Oyster Plate with Wasabi Cocktail Sauce.

“I choose The Perfect Purée because it is simply the best, most natural product on the market that enhances and leaves a true naturalist impression,” says Derrin, who’s been a fan since he started using the brand in 2011 as the executive chef of Zesta Cucina in Yakima.