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Creamsicle Bombe

12 1-oz. servings

Carissa Jones, Executive Pastry Chef at Thunder Valley Casino

Ingredients for Vanilla Mascarpone Mousse (Vanilla Custard and Mascarpone Cream):
1 sheet gelatin
1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
250 ml cream
50 grams egg yolks
65 grams sugar
Method for Vanilla Custard:
1. Make a créme anglaise with all of the ingredients but the gelatin.
2. Bloom the gelatin and melt in hot créme anglaise.
3. Cool mixture until gelled solid.
Ingredients for Mascarpone Cream:
225 grams Vanilla Custard (see recipe above)
150 grams mascarpone
Method for Mascarpone Cream:
1. Whip chilled Vanilla Mascarpone Mousse in a stand mixer until lightened and lump-free.
2. Add chilled Mascarpone Cream and whip until thoroughly combined, being careful not to overmix and let the mixture become grainy.
Ingredients for Orange Curd:
170 grams sugar
125 ml. The Perfect Purée Mandarin/Tangerine Concentrate, thawed
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
85 grams butter
Method for Orange Curd:
1. Whisk eggs, egg yolks and sugar over a bain marie until eggs begin to thicken and lighten in color.
2. Add The Perfect Purée Mandarin/Tangerine Concentrate in three additions, allowing the egg mixture to thicken after each addition.
3. Remove from heat and add butter, whisk to combine.
Assembly of the Creamsicle Bombe:
1. Combine the Orange Curd and 550 grams of the Vanilla Mascarpone Mousse.
2. Pipe into glass for immediate serving or into desired mold if freezing.
3. If mousse is molded (domes and popsicles are favorites), unmold for glazing.
4. Glazing: Glaze (using pate a glace and orange-chocolate coloring) finished product in a pate a glace blanc and stripe with orange-chocolate colored pate a glace.
5. Freeze until ready to serve.