Freeze-Thaw Fruit Pastry Cream

Gloria Cabral / Culinary Instructor, Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA

1 jar The Perfect Purée (Purée of your choice), thawed
10 oz. sugar
11 oz. cold water
5 oz. Freeze-N-Thaw Pastry Cream Mix
3 oz. butter
1. Mix cold water and Freeze-N-Thaw Pastry Cream Mix together until smooth and dissolved.
2. Bring purée and sugar to a boil.
3. Add cream mixture and return to a boil for 3-5 minutes. Remove from stove.
4. Add butter and mix until smooth.
5. Cover with plastic wrap. Cool quickly. Refrigerate and use as needed within one week or freeze.
Serving Suggestions:
1. Whipped Diplomat Cream: When cooled, up to 2 qts. of whipped heavy cream can be added for desired dessert fillings.
2. Mousseline: Add 2 parts softened butter to 1 part pastry cream and whip for filling or icing cakes.