Red Jalapeño Pork Crepinettes

Liza Cheng

3 oz. The Perfect Purée Red Jalapeño Puree, thawed
2 lb. ground pork
1/4 cup small diced red onion
1/4 cup small diced jicama
2 tbsp. minced cilantro
2 tsp. lime zest
1/3 cup small diced orange bell pepper
Enough caul fat to wrap six 4” burger patties
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
1. Dice all vegetables.
2. Mix all vegetables and spices with ground pork in a non-metal bowl.
3. Add Red Jalapeño Puree and season with pepper and salt.
4. Take 1-2 tbsp. of raw mixture and cook in pan. Taste for seasoning after the sausage is cooked and adjust.